Child Care & Discovery Center


                  CORE VALUES

        Shiny Little Stars values very individual: the child in our care, their families, and our educators. We strive to deliver outstanding quality services through out innovation and creativity.

        One of the most important gifts we can give to every child that enters our door is a childhood filled with wonderful and rich experiences. We guide our children with love and understanding because every child is a unique genius. Research continually reminds us of the importance of the first years in our children’s life, the importance of Early Childhood Education; our programs and environments invite discovery and exploration, encourage creativity, develops a live long love of learning and gives each child the opportunity to became the best as he can be.

        Shiny Little Stars believes in an environment of open communication, an environment committed to build reciprocal relationships with families and educators. Our job together is to love, support, and educate each child as he develops the skills necessary to build himself a bright future. 

                                                      637 Newfield Ave, Stamford CT 06905




           Shiny Little Stars is a place where children

              are encourage and supported to develop

                         to their highest potential